Tuesday, December 21, 2010


Who isn’t bothered by tension these days? For every little work you do, you are surrounded by hundreds of questions, which lead to a hell lot of tension. Here’s a 55-Fiction, and an effort to relieve you of your tension. After each sentence there is a possibility of different kinds of tension. Read on...

A girl asking for a lift falls sick and you rush her to the hospital. Turns out she’s pregnant and she blames you. You deny and agree to have tests done. Turns out you can never have children. Just as you're relieved of your tension you wonder whose are the 2 children your wife had.

(55 Fiction is a form of fiction that consists of only 55 words. This is my first feeble attempt at a 55-Fiction. Please do comment and let me know it is.)


  1. You have a great story here. But the narration could be tweaked a little to make it better, more dramatic. :)


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