Thursday, February 3, 2011

The Sad Clown

Extra!! Extra!! Read all about it!! Royal Circus is in town today!” cried the newspaper-boy from across the street.

He closed the drapes of his curtain from his hotel room. He went across the room and opened the fridge for a sip of his favourite whiskey. He took the bottle and sat on the edge of his bed. He slowly re-winded his life backwards.

Backwards, to the time when he had the most beautiful girl as his wife and a job that he loved. Life was so perfect back then. He loved what he did and did what he loved. He was his own master. He went back into the time when he could live life the way he wanted to, laugh to his heart’s content and do whatever came to his mind.

Then one day, he learnt about his wife’s sickness. He loved her more than anything in the world and would give anything and everything just to have her back. That’s just what he did. He gave up his entire life savings in pursuit of his beloved’s well-being. But nothing he did could revive her from fate’s clutches. Everything went downhill from that point. Subsequently he lost his job. He had to mortgage his house and property in need of money. Finally being unable to repay his debtors, he took up a job he hated. He had to do it to stay alive.

He was so depressed that he taken up drinking and smoking as an escape route. The only time he was sober was when he was working, that too just because he’d lose his job and end up in jail if he showed up drunk. He loathed himself so much that at times, he felt like killing himself.

But now everything’s going to be alright. He had heard that the best psychiatrist in town lived nearby, and he had already taken an appointment. He had decided that he would meet the doctor, tell him about his problems and then maybe the doctor will provide some magic pills that could revive him from the mess that he was in.

He got dressed in his Sunday best and set out to meet the doctor. All he could think about was how he would present himself in front of another person.  How could someone else like him when he himself detested himself. He tipped the beggar on the street rather generously.

He reached the psychiatrist’s office and knocked on the door. He was led in by a husky “Come Right In” beckoning of the doctor. He went inside and took a seat. The doctor was sitting across the table, smiling. He managed a small farce of a smile and went back to his moody, depressed state.

Alright Mr. G. That’s what you wanted yourself to be called as, if I’m not wrong?

Yes Doctor.

Okay! Before we get to the part where you explain your anonymity, let me know what’s been bothering you?

He explained everything in full detail and the doctor listened patiently. After Mr. G completed, the doctor took a huge sigh and said

You are very disturbed and have a lot on your mind. You must learn to appreciate the smaller things in life. What is done is done. Let bygones be bygones.

That’s exactly what everyone’s been telling me. I thought you would be different.

Okay then let me give you a gift. Something to cheer you up. Here are two tickets to tonight’s circus. And let me recommend Joker Joe. He cracks me up.

Mr. G frowned.

What happened? Why the frown? Don’t you like the circus? You got to love the clown Joe Grimaldi. He’s the most cheerful guy you’ll ever meet.

I highly doubt that. I am Joe Grimaldi!

(Firstly I apologize for being late in posting. The last month was very hectic. Any ways I’m back for good. Hope you guys have been great.
This short story is retold by me. This is an old anecdote which I thought of sharing with you guys. I have no copyright of this piece of art. Hope you guys liked it. Please do comment - irrespective of whether you liked it.
P.S Joseph Grimaldi was a real person. From what I heard, a darn good comedian. )


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