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The Scientist (I)

Ria Sharma had a hard day at work. She worked in a software company that manufactured or developed new anti-viruses. She had a deadline for today which she didn’t meet. She had to pick her daughter up from school before she returned to her office to try and meet that deadline.

She walked towards her white corolla. She got in and started it. Just as she was about to pull out, a hand banged against her window. She was startled. A young man with two carry bags was standing beside her car. She pulled down her window.

“Hi, I’m Ryan. I work in this building. 12th floor, Rudolph Pharmaceuticals.” He said.

“Hi, Ryan. What can I do for you?” She asked, still startled by the sudden intrusion.

“I’d like to ask you for a favour. Can you please drop me at Thakur Village.” He said.

“Sure, actually I’m headed the same direction. Hop in.” She said, good-naturedly.

He climbed into the sedan’s back seat. He sat directly behind her and kept the carry bags aside him.

“Thank you.” He said.

“It’s alright…” she said.

They were about to reach Thakur Village, and her phone rang. She took the call and told her sister that she was driving and would call her back.
He took out an inhaler and used it. Ria looked through the rear-view mirror.

“It’s for my asthma. I had it as a child.” He answered her silent question.

A few minutes later.

“It’s right here. I’ll get down here.” He pointed to a nearby CCD.

“Ok, I’ll pull right over.” She said.

“Once again, Thanks a lot.” He said.

“Oh, it’s not a big deal. I live around the corner. You should come-by some day.” She said cordially.

“Maybe I will!” he said, smiling.

She was found dead in her apartment, the very next day.


“Anna! You’ve got Morgan Sir on line 1.” The field assistant cried out from her cubicle.

 Anna Reid, Scottish descent, was working as a Field detective for the CBI – SC Unit (Strange Cases Unit) in India. She was a fair, 28 year old, strong woman who was trained in combat training, hostage negotiations, and many other arenas, which most of the men she knew, wouldn’t be able to endure. She was moderately attractive and had the gait of a supermodel.

She specialised in the weird and unresolved occurrences and accidents that occur in and around India. She had received special training in the FBI-Fringe Division, and many other such divisions all around the globe.
Alex Morgan, the Head of the SCU, was a balding, 35 year old, lean man, happily married with one daughter and was, at the moment, scratching his head over the on-going case investigation report.

“Thank you, Mary… Yes sir.” She said, signalling to the field assistant and picking up the call.

“Anna, could you please come up here. There’s something you’ve got to see.”

“Be right there, sir.” she said.

She took her coat, removed her reading glasses and went upstairs into the glass office.

He beckoned her in.

 “Ria, 35 years old, divorced, lived with her daughter.” He said, showing photos of the cadaver and throwing the file on the table in a manner of authority.

“When did this happen?” She asked, rather shocked.

“The body was found by her neighbour, today, when she came over to pick her daughter up for dance classes.”

“Ok. And since when did SCU start handling murder cases?”

“Let me finish. The paramedics who checked the body confirmed the time of death to be yesterday evening and cause of death… unknown.” He completed.

“Unknown? How can cause of death be unknown? There has to be some evidences that show how she died.”

“That’s exactly the point.” He said calmly. “There has been no marks or signs of a struggle. And no bruises whatsoever on her body. I want you and JD on this case right away.”

“Yes, Sir.” She replied. “One more thing, sir, you said she lived with her daughter. Where’s she now?”

“She’s missing. And it’s your job to find and, if necessary, rescue her. She lives in Thakur Village.”

“I’ll inform JD and ask him to meet me there, Sir.”

JD aka Joseph D’Souza was another field detective but was one step under Anna. He was a handsome, intelligent, athletic guy who adored Anna, but never let his feelings get the better of him in his line of duty.

Thakur Village, Mumbai.

Anna was studying the body, while JD was looking around the house for clues.

“Did she have any relatives living here?” JD asked.

“Yeah, her sister lives in Borivali. She was devastated when notified. Just as we all were. I mean I’ve known Ria for almost a decade now, and I can’t think of one person who would want to harm her.” Neetu replied.

Neetu was the neighbour who called in the murder.

“What about her former husband? Would he do this to her?” Anna asked.

“No, of course not. He’s really a nice guy. In fact, even though the divorce, I think he still loved her.”

“Anna, look at this.” JD said, pointing to the floor beneath the body.

She took a closer look and found two purple dots on the, otherwise green, carpet.

“Was this body moved by any of the cops or paramedics?” Anna asked, turning to Neetu.

“No, I don’t think so. They did all kinds tests on the body, but I don’t recall them moving it.”

“JD, can you call…”

“Dr. Harish and ask him to run diagnostics? I’m on it.” He completed with a faint smile.

Anna took out her Motorola and called Alex.

“Sir, our work here is done. We are taking the body to the lab and running diagnostics.” She nodded to the affirmative response and folded the phone shut.


The next day.

“Any Luck?” Anna asked Dr. Harish, as she stepped into the ‘lab’, closing the door behind her.

Dr. Harish was a 48 year old, eccentric man with three doctorates in medical, physical and chemical fields. He was an important asset to the CBI and helped the agents out whenever need arises. Since all good things come with a price, his price was that he wouldn’t leave his old lab that he created in the basement of his house. All experiments and diagnosis were to be done in his basement, much to the resentment of the CBI.

“Interestingly, yes. I think I’ve made a breakthrough. Come around.” He beckoned with a smile.

“Doctor! What have you done?” Anna screamed as she saw the mangled carcass.
The intestines were visible as he had cut open the stomach. There was blue liquid all over the place. She wished she hadn’t had that extensive thali for lunch, before she came in.

The doctor smiled and said

“I’ve cut open her body and studied each section of the body in order to find the poison.”

“You mean she was poisoned?” Anna asked, surprised.

“Yes, but that’s not the point.” He said impatiently.

“So what was the poison?” Anna asked.

“The point is that, do you see this?” He continued as if there had been no interruptions.

“Something that this lady breathed converted her blood’s colour from red to blue.” He concluded.

“Breathed? How can you be so sure that she breathed in the poison and not eat or drink it?”

“You see, dear, that is exactly why I cut her open. Here look at this.” He shoved his hand into the body and retrieved one of her lungs. It was blue in colour.

“Hmmm… well we’ve at least found the cause of death. Now we have to find the motive of murder.” She murmured to herself.

“Not really. I still have to find out what killed her. And then I have to synthesize an antidote for it. You know… just in case.” He replied apprehensively.

Suddenly her phone rang, slightly startling Dr. Harish.

“Agent Reid, Sir.” She answered the phone. It was Alex.

“There has been a development in the case. I spoke to Ria’s sister. Seems like they were really close. In fact, the last call received by Ria was from Priya.”

“Ok, Sir. Did she say anything that could help us?” Anna asked, keenly.

“Not specifically. But she did mention that when she called Ria, she was driving and that she spoke in hushed voices. Probably because someone was with her. I’ve sent out a team to strip her car for clues.”

Anna filled Alex in about the findings of Dr. Harish and hung up. It had been a long day and she was pretty tired. She decided to call it a day and went home.


Rudolph Pharmaceuticals’ Parking Lot.

He was waiting for his next target. As soon as he saw him enter the parking lot, he got into character.

He limped on towards the target, stumbled and fell a few feet away from him.

Rajesh Menon saw this and rushed to help the man.

“Are you all right, sir?” Rajesh asked.

“Not quite. I think I’ve a concussion. Could you please take me home? I live in Borivali.”

“Sure, actually I’m going there myself.” Rajesh said as he helped him climb into his car.

“Is that your son?” he asked, pointing to a photo of Rajesh and his son playing cricket.

“Yes, he’s 8 years old. His mother and I live separately, so I get to look after him on weekends while she takes care of him on weekdays.” Rajesh replied with a tone of remorse.

A few minutes later

He took out his inhaler and breathed into it. He gave the same reply as he gave Ria. Rajesh nodded and drove along.

“Where in Borivali is your house?” Rajesh asked.

“We have to go a little more. It’s in the centre of the town.” He replied.

“Actually, I live here. You can rest here and then go home, if you like.” Rajesh offered.

“That would be really comfortable.”  He replied with a smile.


CBI Quarters.

The clock on her bedside table showed 2:30am. She was awoken by the vibration of her cell phone.

“Anna Reid, who’s this?” She said answering her phone.

“It’s JD. The killer has struck again…”

To be continued…


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