Wednesday, June 1, 2011

55 Fiction - Over You

This 55 fiction is written from an inspiration from the song Over You by Daughtry. For those who are new to the 55 fiction concept… it’s a fiction written in no more or less than 55 words.

Over You

She started crying again. For the tenth time today.

She could not believe that it was finally over.

She felt weird and good simultaneously.

She felt independent for a change.

Her whole life seemed colourful again.

She reasoned that it was best for her.

She looked at the book that got her through… Alcohol Anonymous.

Hope you liked it. Drop in a word describing how it is…
P.S The picture used by me in this post is a still from the music video of the same song OverYou-Daughtry.


  1. Love that track myself!!
    nd i liked the way you put it down .
    Keep writing

  2. wonderful read... glad to have stopped by..

  3. Sounds interesting and I am sure many would identify with your words...keep writing!

  4. Hmm..left me thinking for sometime!

  5. thats one useful book then...

  6. Really good. I wouldn't have guessed till I read the end.


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