Sunday, November 14, 2010

Asterix and Call of Duty (p2)

This is the second part to the story “Asterix and Call of Duty”. Hope you guys really enjoyed the first part. Without much ado, let me start the second part.
I was dumbstruck. And I am not only talking about Call of Duty. I was flabbergasted at Mr. Fate’s ways. Out of all the people in the entire five kilometer long complex, he chose my best friend’s sister for me to fall for. What should I do? Tell him? Yes, I should tell him. He’s been my best friend for about four years now. It would be selfish on my part if I didn’t tell him.

“Dude, what’s the matter? You look like you’ve been struck by lightning.”
I wish I were struck by lightning. It would have been so much easier and painless.

“I’ve got to tell you something, buddy.”
Oh My God! This is harder than I thought it would be

“Yeah, shoot.”
I hope you won’t after I tell you

“Okay, the thing is…”

“Hey Vicky! Enjoying the game, huh?”
Lata Mangeshkar would have been embarrassed had she heard this nightingale's voice."
 She walked into the room. No, no, she glided into the room. I fell in love with her all over again. All this tension of telling him, made me forget how beautiful she was.I hate being interrupted but one just cannot get mad at such beauty.

“Hey! Aren’t you the guy who was immersed in Asterix?”
That’s certainly better than “Aren’t you the weirdo I met in the library?”

“Yup, that’s me!”
Who are you? Bugs Bunny? What on earth was that?

“I had no idea you were the ‘friend’ who was coming over. Well, nice to see you again. Vicky’s told me so much about you.”
I sure hope he hasn’t told everything about me. Of course he hasn’t, she wouldn’t be talking to me if he had.

“Oh! So you guys already met? I was waiting to introduce you to my best bud.” Said Vicky, still immersed in his game.
“…you to my best bud.” I felt horrible. I felt as if I were the most selfish human being… no, no, most selfish animal in this world.

“Yeah, we met in the library.” I said.

“Library?” He laughed out. “What on earth were YOU doing in a library?”
There goes my last piece of self-esteem. I will not take this anymore. I need to look good in front of her.

“What!? I went in to read.”
Please don’t say it… Please don’t say it…

“Dude, seriously...”

“I didn’t know it was the library until I went in. But I did read.”

“You were reading Asterix.” She said and they laughed.
Even though my pride was shattered, it was totally worth it. She looked beautiful when she smiled but she looked phenomenal when she laughed.


I looked into the screen and watched Vikram shoot down a battalion of Nazis. She got up and turned to leave. I simply loved the way her hair followed the turn and fell on her shoulders. Just as she reached the door, she turned back and said.

“Vicky, I’m bored. Show me around, nah. I already love the neighbourhood.”
Oh dear, I’d love to. I could take you for a walk, a walk you’d never forget in your entire life

“I’m really sorry dear. This is the last mission of this level and I need to complete it.”
Me, me, let me take her!!

She frowned.
“But I’m bored! I already regret buying you that stupid game. Can’t you pause it or something? Or let Anoop play it. He must be tired reading Asterix.”
Okay I know you’re beautiful and everything but enough with the ‘Asterix’ jokes already. I love Asterix and it’s not like I’m reading Tinkle or something. Ahh! Tinkle!

“No I can’t pause it and I won’t allow Anoop to take credit for completing the mission. He’s too wily to be trusted.”
Yeah, like I’d do something like that! And what the hell happened to ‘my best bud’.

“Why don’t you guys go? Anoop knows the place very well. And I’m sure he’ll be more than happy to take you sight-seeing. He loves long walks.”
God bless you, buddy. May you live a thousand years. I’m really lucky to have a friend like you.

“Um okay. If that’s not too much trouble, Anoop?”
Oh sweetheart, I would bring the moon, the sun and all the stars in the sky, if you asked me to.

“Okay, I guess.”
I was so happy I’d do a triple somersault if I could.

“Oh! That’s so sweet of you. Let me get dressed.”
And she left the room. A thousand thoughts raced through my mind.

“You said you wanted to tell me something?” he said.


“Before. You said you had something to tell me.”

“Oh yeah, I just wanted to say how good you are at Call of Duty.”

(I know this suspense element is killing you, but it is essential for the effect of the story. Anyways, please comment and give me your valuable feedback. Your comments are necessary for my improvement. Thank you for bearing with me and I promise to be back with the third and final part very soon.)
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