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Asterix and Call of Duty (p3)

This is the third and final part of the story “Asterix and Call of Duty”. I hope you really enjoyed the first two parts. This part is the sequel to “Asterix and Call of Duty (p2)

Read on…
She walked out wearing a salwar-kameez. She looked so beautiful and elegant, she sure could’ve easily given the Fashion week models a run for their money. Her silky, lush hair placed carefully behind her ears, showcasing her ever-so-lovely face. Even the handbag that she carried around looked prettier when she …well carried it around. She was perfect in all aspects.

“Dude, before you go, I need to tell you something. She’s my sister. Don’t do anything that’ll make me wanna kill you.” Vikram said, pausing the game.
I guess he saw me staring …and my jaw drop.

“You know me, man. I won’t do anything stupid.”

“Yeah, I do know you. And that’s exactly why I’m telling you this.”
You sure do know me very well.

We left their house and headed towards the national park. We got talking. And we got connected so well that, I started talking about how the park was established and by the time I finished I was telling her how my first dog died.
It was a miracle how two people, like us, can connect so well in so less time.

We talked for hours together. It was the first time that I wasn’t bored talking to somebody for hours. Somehow during our conversation that ranged from the types of flowers we liked to Indian politics, the discussion of parentage popped up.

 She told me how her mother died when she was young and started whimpering. She sobbed and wiped off her tears. I really wanted to comfort her and tell her that it’ll be alright, but by the time I gathered my wits and decided to do it, she’d gotten over it and was apologizing for her breakdown.

You see, the last thing any guy needs, on a first date, is a crying girl. And I wasn’t even sure if this was a date. Even if it was, I don’t think she knew it. But she got over it soon and all was well again.
Thank God!!

We laughed and talked and talked and laughed. In a nutshell, the whole evening went great. I had a great time with her and I believed that she had one too. But now it was time to leave.

“So, what do you do at the end of a first date?” she asked, nudging me on the elbow.
Ahaa! So this WAS a date and she did know it!

“So this was a date?” I said and smiled. “Usually, it ends early and i wipe the drink off my face and go home.”
You are my first first date, sweetheart. Well, it’s too soon for you to know that, so ‘Hugh Grant to the rescue’.

“You are so cheesy.” She giggled and slapped me on my shoulders. “That’s a line from a Hugh Grant movie!”

“Anyways, I had a great time. Thank you so much. You are so sweet.”

And she hugged me. I was on seventh heaven. I hugged her back wishing we could stay like this forever. Even the two seconds felt like eternity. I guess even Einstein was in love during his primes, otherwise how on earth did he come up with relativity? And then she pulled back and so did I, rather reluctantly I might add.

“Will I see you again?” I asked expectantly.

“I don’t know. I love reading, you know.” She gave me a peck on the cheek as she said it, and left.
Mesmerised by the kiss, I was, but still her parting words didn’t make any sense. “I love reading, you know.”…? What was my question?

As I walked back to my humble abode, I thought about today’s happenings. The various decisions I made and their outcomes, and the most beautiful outcome of the stupidest of decisions. I marvelled at Mr. Fate’s abilities.
And sleep decided to arrive only after countless dreams about Miss Congeniality (NOT the movie) .
A couple of days passed since then. I’d talked to Vikram, but not about her. I missed her so much. I was amazed how one person can make u miss them even if you’ve just been together for a single day. Few more days passed. I feared if this situation goes on, I may start becoming insane. I mean more insane than I already was.

July 10, 11:00 AM (The day I realised I was in love.)

A major part of my morning was consumed comprehending this: “Will I see you again?” “I don’t know. I love reading, you know.”
Then it struck me. And struck me hard. I dashed into my bedroom, changed into the most feasible set of clothes and rushed out onto the busy street. I hustled past the pedestrians, pushing over someone and thereby receiving a very pleasant and utterly decent greeting. I flew past the gates, and the grumpy old man, and opened the door that said “READING ROOM”.
She was there! She sat with her back to the door and so didn’t see me enter. Seeing her made me realise I was in love. The feeling was indescribable (if there is such a word). I felt elated, surprised, happy, fortunate, delighted, exultant and jubilant, all at the same time.
All of which, by the way, I’m sure mean the very same thing.
Oh Shit! I haven’t got any ring or even a rose to propose. I thought of going all the way back to a flower store to get a rose and then a ring and come back, but seeing her there, waiting for me made me feel really special and going back felt stupid.
I looked around and found a bunch of lilies in a vase on the librarian’s desk. I picked up a lily from the vase in front of the librarian’s plaque, dried it off and hid it in my back pocket.
This is it.
I went in like a hero in the Bollywood movies and knelt down in front of her and said

The first time I saw you; there was something different in the air,
I could not help myself but to stare.
It was not what you were wearing or the smile you tried to hide,
It went deeper than that; it came from the inside
When I first saw you, I knew you were the one,
And now that I've seen you, I plan to keep you here,
Where I can see you infinitely.
To give into your eyes and see the passion of a soul in need of release,
That needs to be nurtured, to be touched, and to be loved.
With you it all falls into place,
Allowing me to experience a love unknown to man,
A craving only satisfied by your love.

Tanisha darling, I love you.”

I’ve never known this side of mine. I guess she brings this out in me.

I looked up expectantly into her eyes and gave her the flowers. She took them and slapped me.
Ouch! That hurt! Both externally and internally. What the hell just happened.

And she hugged me. Hugged me tight. And I felt tears roll down her cheeks.
Talk about mixed feelings!

“You idiot! What took you so long? I had been coming here for the past one week continuously hoping to see you. Every single day you didn’t show up, I realised how much I loved you.” She said through sobs.

“Oh dear, I love you, too. What do you think? All these days I’ve endured without seeing you were spent in Disneyland? I felt every bit as terrible as you did! And you just couldn’t have told me where and how we were supposed to meet, could you?”

“Hmm… you just proved how much of an idiot you are! Now stop talking and give me the ring.”

“Well I… um… was in a hurry… and…”

“Mr. Anoop Remesan Menon, If you think you can get away from giving a ring, you’ve got a whole another thing coming! I’ll make every second you spend with me like hell!”
She looks so cute when she’s angry

“Even then I’m ready to spend my entire life in hell, if I’m with you.”

“You cheapskate, you still can’t agree to buy me a ring, can you?”
One day! That’s all we spent together and she wants a ring!!  Imagine spending the rest of my life with her. But I was ready to spend all the riches in the world, just for that one day!

“Oh Meri Jaan, don’t worry I’ll get you your ring on our anniversary!”

“Umm okay! I love you so much!”
Cheapskate’s still got a way with the ladies!

As we were leaving, I turned around to the spot where she was sitting only to see Asterix throwing a pie onto Obelix’s face.

How was it? Hope you enjoyed reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it. Please leave your comments below and let me know how you felt about it. Thank you for bearing with me through all this.


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  3. BULLSHTTT! :P i hadnt read the headin n totally tought tis ws YOUR stry n got all xcited....huff...u wastd my tym!!! :P :P :P ;))
    but ws simply amazin brooo!!! woooo.....i totally luvd romantic n swet! <3 :d

  4. You have thoroughly enjoyed writing this..and its very evident from yr style of writing! Keeping it up...

  5. shit mann...u are crazy....its just awesome yaar...luved it....keep writing....

  6. spoiled!...just like the matrix trilogy..the quality degraded from the 1st to 3rd...too filmy..the last part..anyway..cute at the same time..:)

    and yes. the first one : loved it to bits! :)

  7. dude...the first two parts were just amazing...but here no offence it came down too early...that's what i was amazing anyways...good job...nicely penned....

  8. Buddy, enjoyment received in reading was more than what you'd enjoyed writing it. Awesome man. Read all three parts one after another in the same sitting. You have got amazing flow which keeps the reading tied to it.
    Hope to see more from you soon:)
    Just like that...


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